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Fourth of July Fireworks ~ NYC ~ 2017

Hudson Yards

Empire State Building 6-21-17 

A little history of the Empire State Building 


New York. Late 1920’s.

Developers in downtown and midtown were competing to create the worlds tallest building. 
The Chrysler Building and the Bank of Manhattan Building went head to head, adding floor after floor. Redrawing each time one of them would counter with taller building plans.
Then one day in 1929, The Empire State Building was thrown into to the mix. To keep its rank as the tallest building, the Chrysler Building added a steel spire, finishing it off at 1,048 feet.
As it was yet to be finished, the Empire State Building then added several more floors and ended the competition in 1931. It became the worlds tallest building at 1,250 feet. And, It remained that way until the first World Trade Center tower was built in the 70’s

Adirondaks – September 2016

September 2016

Indian Lake

Shoot for the Stars

July 4th, 2016

For a long time now I have been obsessed with capturing a photo of the Milky Way. However, living in NYC makes that impossible. I have spent countless hours researching and plotting where I could go that has truly dark skies. Waiting for a night with a new moon. Waiting for a night with no clouds. Anyone who shoots the night sky, or owns a telescope knows how frustrating this could be.  And now, I know how rewarding it can be when it all comes together.

Finally,  this weekend I was able to get my first shots. And it wasn’t easy.  A five and a half hour solo drive, and 700′ climb up a mountain with an extremely steep “trail”.  In the end though, it was well worth it.  I was able to capture plenty of Star Trails, Time-Lapses, and the Milky Way.  I couldn’t be happier with the shots I took, so I hope you all appreciate them as much as I do.

This was my first attempt at such an endeavor so, I would love to hear any and all feedback.

As always,


Tony G

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