Work Station1I have started this website to have a place to show the creative things that I do every day. My friends and family often ask to see what I’m working on. For many years I have shared my work with them. It has always been a pleasure to see their reactions, or hear their feedback. However, what they see is only a fraction of what I have.  Having a central location where I could post pictures, or images, and links to YouTube videos or playlists has been the goal for quite some time now, and I have finally done it. I can’t give enough thanks to the friends, and family who inspired me to make this happen.  It has been a fun process learning how to do this, and I am excited to share it with all of you now.

This is also just the beginning. As my experience with customizing the website gains, with the new pieces of Artwork, Photography, or Videos added nearly every day, this site will surely grow into the place I have imagined it could be.  A Portfolio to share my life of creativity.  A Blog to share the projects that I’m working on from day to day. As well as a community where members can interact, discuss a wide range of topics, or simply give feedback on what they are viewing here.

ESB with Pink Sky Panoramic

If you like what you see,  please sign in. You can use the available social media links, or create your own account. Visitors to the site will only be able to view the Home Page, Blog Page, and About Page.  Members whose accounts are signed in will also see the Portfolio Pages, and be able to start discussions and leave comments.

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There is a lot to browse through and a lot more to come. Every day I need to feed the urge to work on something.  It has been this way my whole life.  Over the years it has come out in many forms. Photography. Film. Drawing. Music. Writing.  As long as it’s a way to be creative I probably have given it a try.  Through this, I imagine there will always be a wealth of new content to be shared.  Unless otherwise noted, All of what you will see in this portfolio and across tonygregoryart.com has been created by me. The pieces stretch through many years of my life. They can be as simple as a sketch on a paper coaster, or something long and complicated that took months to finish.  Big or small I have always found great satisfaction in spending my days being creative.  And now I hope that you all enjoy the product of those days just as much.

Happy browsing, and check back often for updates.

Tony G